Why It Is You MUST Come To Naples If You Are Reading This!

I laid on my death bed. Okay, it wasn’t really my death bed, but it sure felt like it. The flu can do that to you. I’d been sick for days, the kind of sickness where every hour tirelessly rolls into the next one. Sleep. Sneeze. Cough. Slurp soup. Sleep some more.

It was out of this dreariness that suddenly and unexpectedly a ray of sunshine entered the room. Mr. Wonderful walked into the house with a letter! A real letter. The kind of letter with a real stamp and everything. A handwritten letter. A letter from Kat! But it would turn out to be what was inside that letter that would turn out to be the truest of delights.

Inside Kat’s letter to me was a letter that I had written to her…in 2007! See, just days before writing that letter five years ago, I had met Kat in North Carolina where she was the Drama Queen (actually she played a witch, but she is a drama queen, so this title suits her), or what you might call the dramatist, at her sister Susan’s church retreat.

Over that weekend I had spent a little time with Kat (thanks Gigi!) and the Lord had used Kat to greatly encourage me. While I won’t go into details, suffice it to say I went to this retreat one hurtin’ puppy and God used Kat to give me hope. Real hope. Bible hope. Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 kind of hope. At the end of that retreat, Kat briefly shared with the group that she wrote a monthly newsletter, Kat’s Shot of the Day, and she invited us to contact her if we wanted to begin to receive it.

When I got home from that retreat I made a decision to write her. Just a quick note, really. Just a simple note telling her hello and thanking her for sharing God with me. That was it mainly.

And then she wrote back. I commented on her newsletters. And she’d respond. Later, in an act of friendship, I sent her a book I had just written. And she wrote back, asking me to come and speak at the next gathering of women at Everglades Community Church. And then Kat introduced me to women I have come to love. Ana. Tricia. Kris. The BAD girls of ECC.

While I laid on my sick bed, I marveled. What if Kat had never stuck her neck out and invited us to read her newsletter or hadn’t given us an opportunity to connect with her? What if I had never reached out and written that one simple letter to Kat, that letter that only contained SIX sentences? Gasp! To think that I would have never met Kat? God forbid! God has gifted me with a few important and lifelong friendships…and Kat is at the top of that list. Not meet Kat? Where is my barf bag?! My bed pan?!

See ladies, that one simple decision to write Kat OPENED the door to a STORY. I had no idea what would happen or even if anything would happen. But that ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more is how STORIES are…stories simply UNFOLD.

What about you? How many beautiful friendships and experiences have been withheld from you because you didn’t take a chance? If you are at this website, if you are reading this blog, then I urge you to take a chance. Register. Knock on the door. Come. Walk through the door. And let God’s Story unfold in your life.

You don’t have to have all the answers. He is the answer. You don’t have to know how it will all end. That’s what makes stories so much fun, you don’t know how it will end until you get to the very end. You simply watch it unfurl.