Timeline: 4th Grade: That Crazy Orange Science Notebook

4th Grade. Coleman School. Memphis, Tennessee.  Yes, I was one of those Type “A” students who had it all together.

Bitten nails. Twisted Hair.  Prayer.

I prayed about everything, especially at test time.  I wanted an “A.”  I wanted a “100.”  I usually got it.

Then I misplaced my orange science notebook.  Day after day, I looked for it.  It was nowhere to be found. 

I didn’t pray about it.  I just figured, what the heck.  Oh, well. In time, it will show up.

Day after day, no notebook.

I got nervous. 

I really put alot of work into it.  It was going to be “my grade.”

I got off my high horse and prayed.

The next morning I looked up from my desk and there sat that ratty science notebook on the shelf — right in front of me. 

Had it been there all along? 

Did God allow me to see it only after I prayed?