Timeline: 2nd Grade: Egg Tree

1964. Easter. Second Grade. Raleigh United Methodist Church.

The class each had brought a dozen colored eggs which had been hollowed out (remember that messy exercise . . . . put a needle in each end of the egg and gently blow out the insides).

We were instructed to bring a branch from our own backyards.  

Previously on Palm Sunday, we had all planted our branches in separate containers filled with Plaster of Paris. 

On Easter Sunday, each child was to take the hollowed-out colored eggs and hang them with beautiful pastel ribbons on the little trees.

During the week, the branches were to have dried out and died. 


When I arrived Easter Sunday Morning to Sunday School, I was met with a wonderful surprise. 

The branches on my little tree did not die. Unlike the others,  they bloomed!

 God Winks.