Timeline: 2011 Retreat (April 29-May 1) "Of Duty and Deadlines"

April 1, 2011. A retreat is packed with deadlines. Last year I really pushed the proverbial “envelope.”  I had touted early on that I wanted to write the theme song.

Kat had written a beautiful poem that, one night, I set to music.  I wanted to get a professional recording so that I could embed the audio into a “music-type” video for the drama.

Between the poem, the guitar and the shower, the song wrote itself. 🙂

I had ONE HOUR reserved at the studio. Ana Adler accompanied me, in fact, she drove me.  She was a blessing and the talented videographer of the documentary.

There were keyboard issues. The studio hired Annie, an incredibly talented pianist. She had beautifully arranged the song.  Annie really wanted the better keyboard.  We had to wait until her teen-aged son brought it from clear across town.

There were engineering/computer issues.

There was tension. There was a large dog panting. I was tearing up with every run-through.

This was supposed to be a surprise for Kat.

Finally, the song was recorded.  A few tweaks on the computer and the engineers delivered a fresh cut CD before the clock struck “DONE.”

Now all I had to do was get back to my computer and “lay the track” under the final video for Sunday morning.

Excited and “anxious,” I discovered the song was in the wrong format.

Adobe Premiere Pro would not accept it.  Adobe Premiere Pro did not recognize it.


I called the studio to see if they could send me a .wav or .mp3 file. No answer. Just a hollow recorded voice on an answering machine.

I was really feeling the pressure of the dreaded deadline. I knew the prayer team was working overtime because I could feel their energy — I had NO energy. “Please, Lord, this has got to work.”

I threw the song into iTunes.  Miraculously, there was a conversion.

The converted audio file now lay in its proper spot under the drama.

God’s timing is perfect. Retreat Prayer Teams are essential.


God is seldom early but He’s always on time.