Wonderful Wisdom Of God

ECC’s 2011 retreat was a hoot. This was just a part of our drama series that introduced our speakers.

Friday Night.
This drama begins with “live” actors at a restaurant.  Their characters are revealed through conversation. 

 In this video, Dora is in her “coma” – knocked out by the woman at the restaurant.  She hears the voice of Aunt Magarita — however, Dora has lost her identity. She is in search of who she is and how to get home.  In this video segment, she meets Scara Crowe. Scara is in search of “knowledge” and thinks she needs a brain!

Saturday Morning. Dora and Scara Meet Tina Mann. Tina is embittered over her marriage and is seeking a new heart.

Saturday Night. Dora, Scara and Tina meet Leona. Leona is seeking courage and she is fearful of everything — in fact, she never finishes anything!

Sunday Morning. Baby Ken sings. Dora, Scara, Tina and Leona reach the Kingdom. Featured Song “Princesses Aren’t Perfect” written by Kat Silverglate/Music by Karen Ross. The keeper of the Kingdom is asking if any of them have the right “key” to open the door.  Dora exclaimed that “she lost her keys” — when the women begin praying and petitioning on behalf of each other as well as themselves, the magic begins — the key unlocks the door, the keeper of the kingdom presents them with graduation caps as God speaks his words over them.  They now graduate to the next level of their faith. 

At the end of the video segment, as Dora clicks her heels in her ruby red slippers to “Jesus is on His Throne,” with an explosion on screen, the “live” drama resumes.  Dora is awakened in her hospital room and finds Scara praying over her.  Tina and Leona enter the room and each share what this incident has done to them and how God had changed them.  The drama ends with all leaving the room relieved, Dora, still in her hospital bed, feels under her pillow to discover her graduation cap and then wrestles with the covers and shockingly finds her feet inside her ruby red slippers.