Names of God

Pray and add yours…

A         Adonai, Awe Inspiring, Always, All-knowing, All-powerful, All-seeing, Abba, Anointed one, Ancient of Days

B         Beautiful, Baby Jesus, Blessing, Blessed, Best friend, Buddy

C         Compassionate, Conqueror, Creator, Counselor

D         Delight in the Lord, Daddy, Dear One

E         El Shaddai, Endures Forever, Emmanuel

F         Forgiving, Friend, Forever, Faith, Father, Friend of sinners, Fear-inspiring

G         Great, Grace, Goodness, God, Gracious, Glorious, Guide, Good Shepherd, Giver of good Gifts, God who sees me

H         Holy, Humble, Holy Spirit, Healer, Hope, Heavenly, Helper, Heir to the Promise, Hid from our Eyes, Heavenly Healer

I          Immutable, I am, Immortal, Invisible, Inaccessible,

J          Jehovah Jirah, Jesus, Justice, Joseph’s son, Judging

K         King of Kings, Keeper of this life

L         Lover, Lion, Lamb, Light, Life, Lover of my Soul

M        Majestic, Mountain Moving, Maker, Merciful

N         Never Ending, Name of the Lord, (Like) None other

O         Omnipotent, Omniscient, Only One

P         Powerful, Promise-keeper, Provider

Q         Quick to Forgive

R         Redeemer, Righteous, Refuge, Responsive

S         Savior, Slow to Anger, Strong, Sovereign, Sacrifice, Sanctifier, Standard-keeper, Shepherd

T         Truth, Tower, Transforming, Tursted Friend

U         Unchanging

V         Vulnerable Baby

W        Worthy to be Praised, The Word, Worship, Wrathful, Wise

X         X-tremely good,

Y         Yahweh

Z         Zion