Kat Silverglate

 Kat Silverglate — Was made by GOD to creatively communicate truth.  She is a frequent conference speaker, retreat coordinator and dramatist.  God transformed her life when she finally realized that the world is filled with a brand of hope that will never deliver what it promises.  No amount of fame, money, food, wine, sex, travel, pedicures, talent, awards, family, good deeds, community service or paying-it-forward will ever satisfy a woman.  Ever!  After years of trying to prove that statement wrong, Kat finally asked the uncomfortable question — why is this so exhausting, depressing, and unsatisfying?  What am I doing wrong?  Is there some truth out there about what we are designed to chase?  Why we were made?  What’s the point?  In the church, Kat found many women who were asking the same questions but often  in secrecy with fear that someone may see behind their pretty Christian I-have-it-all-together facade.  Sadly, many of them felt like they had to pretend right inside the Church.  Eventually, God gathered a group of broken women — the B.A.D. Girls of ECC — and made it safe for them to take off their veils, stop pretending and get real about their lives and their hard questions.  Kat’s life has never been the same, never will be the same, and she will go to her grave talking about the power Jesus has in the life of a hurting woman.  If she could summarize the lesson of the last 10 years in women’s ministry, it would be this — when women get real, women get healed.  Don’t wait until your veil smothers you.  Until your pretend world comes crashing down around you.  Come in the middle of your story and watch GOD speak into your life right where you are.  We are all in the middle of our stories!  All of us.  

If you would like to reach Kat, you can e-mail her at photobykatinc@aol.com.

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