God Has A Way Of Turning Our Pride Into His Treasures

Last year’s retreat forever changed my life. I graduated! I grew! I was challenged! I saw God’s glory in all aspects of the retreat, from the beginning to the end.

Although it was a lot of work we really had fun putting the retreat together. The filming of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was hilarious!

The drama queens and the drama director Karen had a blast too!

When I sensed the call to speak at the retreat, I was terrified! When I am nervous, I forget things that I want to say. Needless to say, I had to rely completely on the Holy Spirit to put the words He wanted me to speak in my mouth, and HE DID!

I will never forget the HOLY RUSH I felt standing up there speaking for HIM. I think I know how Moses felt! Totally unequipped by my own power, but TOTALLY COVERED AND EQUIPPED BY HIS POWER. If it had been me speaking it would of been a mess.

I praise God and glorify HIM alone for the words HE impressed in my heart to speak of.

Funny… I never thought I would be able to get up in front of 100 women to speak about my “junk”.

God has a way of turning our pride into HIS treasures.

Ana and Friends!

Our shame into His victory.

Our ashes and dirt into HIS beauty.

I am NOT ashamed to admit that I don’t have it all together cause that is the truth.

I am walking it out everyday with God’s grace. Everyday I wake up committing myself to live for HIM and asking HIM to forgive me for the times I didn’t just the day before!

I love my Yeshua! I love you, LORD!