Finding Prosperity

I went to Cuba in May 2012 on a missions trip with a group of people from church. I truly found prosperity in one of the poorest and most oppressed countries I have ever been in.

I went “to help and give.” Little did I know that I was the one who was going to receive the most! I learned about LOVE and True Prosperity.

You don’t have to have all the commodities, gadgets, extras, and money to buy and do whatever you want in order to be truly happy. These people taught me that having a grateful and thankful heart is more valuable than money.

I learned about making the best out of every situation. Wearing a smile because I am alive and Christ is soon coming for me. I am in awe to be property of such an amazing Father and His Kingdom.

I learned in Cuba that even though I have all the things I have here, I really didn’t have what I truly needed. I needed to love more, thank God more, praise God more, live for HIM more.

Thank you God for teaching me true prosperity.