A Message Of Healing

As a speaker at this year’s retreat, I brought a message of healing; healing based on the Mark 5 woman, the woman with an ‘issue’.  After all, we all have issues, right?! We are all in need of being healed from something. The message for me was both personal and timely as I had once again been dealing with an ongoing health issue. The focus of my message was concentrating on what we are continually HEARING and what we are continually SPEAKING.

 We went very slowly through Mark 5, placing our feet into the footsteps of this familiar woman. Together, we observed how she kept hearing and hearing about Jesus…to the point where she became convinced He could heal her. As a result, she then began to say over and over and over, “If only I get the chance to see Him I will take hold of him and I WILL get my healing!” Her hope (a confident expectation of a good outcome) became so enlarged that when Jesus DID show up in her neck of the woods, she made her move. Her hope urged her to do something! And so we went with her through the suffocating crowd and watched as she boldly reached out with all her might and took hold of Jesus! And we watched in amazement as His power reached out and took hold of her in return! We overheard Jesus speak to her, assuring her that she had not stolen anything from Him, but that He had given the gift of healing to her freely. It was if He wanted her, and us, to know that it was faith in Him that had brought her her heart’s desire – healing. Sure, her hope – her confident expectation of a good outcome – was important, but it wasn’t what healed her. Her faith had healed her.

 And then, like this precious woman, we then put the Word of God in our mouths. We spoke words of life over our bodies and our circumstances. We spent a few minutes doing what we saw great men like Nehemiah and Daniel do, we repented of the sins of our ancestors. And then we worshiped. Oh, how we worshiped! And then somewhere…somewhere in the midst of all of that…I. got. healed.

 No, I didn’t experience my healing like the Mark 5 woman did, where she felt it happen. No, my restoration came as silently as my ‘disease’ had come. But make no mistake about it, like her, my healing had come! Today is one week since I and the ladies of Bedtime Stories Retreat met in that Naples conference room and I am confident in saying I received a healing in my body! A healing brought forth in His name…by His blood…according to His word…and as a reminder that He passionately loves us.

 What about you? Did you get your healing? If not, keep hearing! Keep saying! Dare to let your hope and faith collide! And then…like the Mark 5 woman, freely receive!