Bitterness Is A Root Issue – My Witness To Deliverance

One of my favorite God stories from last year’s retreat was after I had the privilege of speaking about the roots of unforgiveness and and bitterness.

I got a call 0n my cell a few hours after I spoke and the young lady said to me: “Ana, can you come pray for me?” I said YES!!!! I went to her room and I prayed over her and for her hard heart towards her father, whom she had NO relationship with at all. Never did as a matter of fact. He totally abandoned her as a baby. She had so much hatred and unforgiveness towards him. She also had unforgiveness toward her step dad who abused her verbally and physically growing up. She had a root of abandonment, unforgiveness, rejection, and never felt loved by any of her earthly fathers. She had chosen a life of drugs, street living, alcohol, promiscuity, and such. She was saved a couple of year’s ago at a women’s event we held at our church where Laura Dahne spoke about the Master Gardner Book that she written. I led this young lady to Christ when she approached me that evening during the event.

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That day at the women’s retreat the Lord spoke LIFE, LIGHT, FORGIVENESS, & LOVE into her heart. She forgave her dad and step dad – she wept and wept and repented and turned all her wrath and hatred over to God to deal with them. She understood that forgiveness did NOT mean that what they did to her was okay. She “got it”! God was going to avenge for her!!! She did not need to harbor bitterness anymore and God had forgiven her!

She has never been the same since. I love to see how God sets captives FREE! Hallelujah! Praise and glory be ONLY TO HIM!!! He is LOVE! HE alone can enable that kind of supernatural healing.

Can’t wait to see what God is going to do in this coming retreat!!