Kat' Story – Time To Graduate Princess Retreat – The Effect

Last year’s retreat was life changing for me. The theme was about spiritual maturity — about taking the next step with God — about being unfraid to move where He is leading even when you may be leaving your comfortable place in church, in life, in your ministry or in your personal circumstance. I had been head of Women’s Ministry at Everglades Community Church for close to 7 years.

I loved the growth, the challenge, the fellowship, the intimacy, and last but not least, the familiarity. But God was calling me to a new place. He was calling me to be a preacher and I knew it. While the call was clear, I was terrified to say yes… to walk out blindly in faith, enroll in school and pursue the call with my whole self. The thought of new unfamiliar territory made me afraid, insecure and unsettled. That was until I was faced with the prepartion that goes with coordinating a retreat on the topic, writing a sermon on the topic, and delivering messages and journals that pound home the truth — God doesn’t call us because we are equipped. He calls us because He loves us and knows what we were made for, what he plans to do with our obedience and why equipment is best delivered in the midst of the journey — rarely before.

Shortly after the retreat I stepped down from my post in Women’s Ministry, enrolled in a Masters Christian Studies Program at Trinity International and I’m blown away by how GOD is moving in it all. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to participate in retreat ministry. And the next time you look at a speaker and think she’s got all the answers… Remember, God is walking her through the truth she’s delivering in her own life and He uses the preparation and delivery of the message to take her there. Can’t wait to see what God is up to this year as we walk through the importance of our stories.


Copyright 2012 Kat Silverglate